How to Make Your Beats Sound Fat But Still Clean. Layering.

It’s quite difficult to achieve a unique sound using plugins and samples that all beatmakers work with. It’s better to use leering for this.

In music production, leering is a combination of several sounds that are timbral or frequency different from each other in such a way that when they played together, it sounds like a new timbre. When you layer, it’s better when you choose sounds that are applied on different frequency range.

Assume that you have a pad consisting of two midrange layers. Each layer has it’s own modulation frequency and depth. When you layer pads like these, the final sound will be not expressive and lost in your mix. Leering will not work effectively your timbres take too many identical frequencies.

Let’s take an example.
For instance we chose a pad and it’s frequency range looks like this:

It can be lost in your mix. And equalization may not help it too. It’s better to change the pad sound, but you can approach the process of making music creatively.

Therefore, we will make the same batch with another pad that is in a different frequency range and thereby adds higher harmonics to the first oneIf you layer them, then compress, you will get a single instrument that will take up a larger frequency range of the mix. The new sound will be rich and dense.

All the same can be done with any instruments. With drums, bass or melodies. In addition to timbral or frequency leering, you can also layer attack and delay for your drums. For example, use the click sound from one kick, and the tail sound from another. Layering of different a attack sounds can also give you different effect. Just experiment!